About Jimm

When not working on the next generation of web interfaces for water management systems at Crysberg A/S in Denmark, Jimm operates a small hobby touring start-up called 'Recumbent Adventure!' for those who really want a cycle tour in comfort both in and around Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.
Jimm occasionally volunteers at the Copenhagen Bicycles rental shop and the Bicycle Innovation Lab Library, both in Copenhagen, Denmark. On his off days he tinkers with his drone or 3D printer, occasionally plays Ultimate Frisbee, or plays and trains with his poodle, Max (pictured here on the cycle taxi).
System Admin and Web Developer at:
http://velomobile-eurotours.org, http://leitra.dk, http://opencycletaxi.net, http://copenhagenbicycles.dk, http://greenvalues.net

From Jimm - Man of a Thousand Faces